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Haven’t been here in a good 1000 years

April 24, 2011

I don’t even know if anyone still reads my blog, I doubt it being that I haven’t posted anything in the last century. But in case if there is one soul out there who is reading this, I guess I can give a little update on my life as of late.  Next month on the 27th I will have officially survived this world for 22 years, the closer my birthday gets the more I start to reflect on my life. Part of me feels like I haven’t accomplished as much as I think I could have but another part of me realizes that I still have some time to accomplish all of my crazy hopes and dreams, When June 9th finally decides to get here my educational journey will officially be over. After that day I have no intentions on returning back to any school or college for quite some time. From this summer forward I plan on chasing all of my dreams, I need to make things happen for myself and I honestly feel like at this time in my life I have the drive to get it done. Also I would like to finally start getting serious about getting in shape this summer, my goal of abs is still in sight and I feel that the time is now for me reach my full physical potential. Finally, I declare that by the end of this year I will finish this screenplay that I have been working on since the beginning of time. It’s only about 20 pages away from being finished so the finish line is not too far out of sight. I guess other than that I don’t have much to think about that I can update on. If you’re interested in contacting me I run a much more active Tumblr blog ( where I pretty much post music and random things that catch my four eyes. Well folks, that’s about it from me. If you took the time to read this then you’re pretty awesome, until next time i’m out.