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An introverted black guy

November 11, 2012

If I had to classify myself as a certain type of person then an introvert would probably be the most fitting label. I thoroughly enjoy my peace and quiet, I love sitting in silence and thinking, pretty much anything that involves solitude I find some type of pleasure in.

As someone who enjoys his alone time, I really despise when people nag endlessly about how I NEED to get out and go to a club/bar/party/random social event etc. Now, if you’re the type of person enjoys always going out, partying, doing the robot on the dance floor (I actually enjoy doing the robot to), getting drunk, then more power to you, I won’t stop you from having your good time. But for me, that whole scene is just kind of eh, it doesn’t make either of us wrong or right for liking or disliking it, we’re just different.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you looking out for my well being, I know your intentions are sincere, you just want me to go out and have a good time. But the thing is some of us in the world don’t really enjoy huge social interactions, they don’t stimulate us and therefore they aren’t enjoyable.

You might think this is crazy. or that it makes me a loner, or antisocial or whatever you’d like to call it. But I find quiet, peace and solitude just as fun as you find partying and social gatherings. Some will have you believe that if you enjoy staying to yourself then there’s something wrong, as if we all should be these wild social creatures, constantly breathing down each others throats. As stated before, if being extremely social is your thing then don’t let me get in your way, I just happen to find that I’m happiest when I’m not around a large group of others, it doesn’t make either of us right or wrong, we’re just different.

My social life operates usually in one of two ways. either a need to, or a pleasure basis. The need to basis is simple, if I have to talk to you to accomplish whatever it may be that I need to get done then we will have conversation.This includes things like me calling tech support because I have a repeated problem with breaking laptops, paying a bill over the phone, ordering food and things of that nature. Then we have the pleasure basis, which is where I choose to interact because I get some time enjoyment out of it. This includes joking with friends, talking with family, trying to tell a coworker why he needs to man up and talk to the cute cashier who works up front. It also includes one on one intimate conversations, not necessarily sexual, but those types of verbal exchanges when you really get to know someone and you can learn from them. For me, most large social events don’t evoke that pleasure, there’s no enjoyment, no fulfillment, just me in a large room standing in a corner, silently people watching as every one else enjoys the festivities.

So, the next time I decline your request to go out, I’m not avoiding you, or trying to be an ass. I’m probably inside somewhere quiet, with me, my music, my thoughts and a bowl of cereal, which is more than enough fun for me.


Finally I found me

November 8, 2012

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve last used this site, but I can say with 99.9% confidence that I’m officially back and will soon be regularly posting again. Since I’ve last posted here I’ve evolved by leaps and bounds as a person/writer etc. For a few years, I had kind of lost my passion for writing, I wasn’t to sure of what I wanted to do with my life, so I put down my pencil and began exploring other areas that peaked my interest.

If you know me personally you know that music is a major part of my life, even as I’m typing now I have the Tenchu Stealth Assassins intro theme blasting into my headphones. Audio engineering had always something that I had done as a hobby, it wasn’t a natural talent, but something that I practiced enough to where I had gotten to be pretty decent at it. Combining those skills with my love for music, I figured becoming an audio engineer would pretty much be the perfect job for me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid to sit in a studio and record music until you go deaf?

Since I was sure this was the path I wanted to take, I went to a recording institute to gain more knowledge on the techniques of engineering. Though in the long run I ended up not choosing music as my career path (I’ll go more in depth a bit later) I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. I got a chance to meet some amazingly talented people and I had second to none the coolest professors on the planet. That may have been the first and only time in my entire educational career that every day I looked forward to going to class because I knew I was going to learn about something that I actually cared about.

Though the experience was all I could have asked for, eventually reality started to set in, it was hard to accept it but it had hit me that even after spending over 100 classroom hours/lab time learning about recording music, that it honestly wasn’t something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. It didn’t give me the real joy that I was looking for and it only partially filled the void.

I ended up having to go back to community college (long story that I don’t feel like talking about) to take a digital video class. The first major assignment was that we all were to write down ideas for short films and these ideas were to be shared to the class. I wasn’t to enthusiastic about this assignment, I thought I was done with college and yet I found myself back in a classroom that I never thought I would have to return to. Though I had my idea fully written out, I had contemplated not presenting it, but that little voice in the back of my head made me get up and share my semi creative idea with my peers. To my surprise, once I was done presenting my idea, enough people liked it to where it was decided that it would be turned into one of the short films that the class would work on.

Since the story was all originally my idea, it only made sense that I would be the one to write the script, and as I began writing that night it all finally started to click. With every page that passion that I had put to the side for years started to resurface, I was finally creating again, I was doing what I did since I was just a small child, I was writing. That empty space and void was filled again and for the short time while I was writing that script I was genuinely happy. My hard work eventually ended up paying off as I won the best script award at our colleges film festival.

And this brings me to now. I don’t have to think about it anymore, I’m not confused about what I want out of life. It’s simple, if I’m not writing then I’m not happy, it’s just that simple and point blank. Every thing else I do to make ends meet is temporary until I can somehow make my living by writing and expressing my creativity to the world. Now that this blog has been resurrected, I plan on posting much more content which will include short stories, scripts, blogs about life and whatever else is floating around inside my head.

If you’ve taken the time to read this I appreciate it, if not, then I hope you step barefoot on a Lego, peace love and crunch berries, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.


Haven’t been here in a good 1000 years

April 24, 2011

I don’t even know if anyone still reads my blog, I doubt it being that I haven’t posted anything in the last century. But in case if there is one soul out there who is reading this, I guess I can give a little update on my life as of late.  Next month on the 27th I will have officially survived this world for 22 years, the closer my birthday gets the more I start to reflect on my life. Part of me feels like I haven’t accomplished as much as I think I could have but another part of me realizes that I still have some time to accomplish all of my crazy hopes and dreams, When June 9th finally decides to get here my educational journey will officially be over. After that day I have no intentions on returning back to any school or college for quite some time. From this summer forward I plan on chasing all of my dreams, I need to make things happen for myself and I honestly feel like at this time in my life I have the drive to get it done. Also I would like to finally start getting serious about getting in shape this summer, my goal of abs is still in sight and I feel that the time is now for me reach my full physical potential. Finally, I declare that by the end of this year I will finish this screenplay that I have been working on since the beginning of time. It’s only about 20 pages away from being finished so the finish line is not too far out of sight. I guess other than that I don’t have much to think about that I can update on. If you’re interested in contacting me I run a much more active Tumblr blog ( where I pretty much post music and random things that catch my four eyes. Well folks, that’s about it from me. If you took the time to read this then you’re pretty awesome, until next time i’m out.


2010: A year in review

December 26, 2010

Well folks it’s about that time, 2010 is about to be a faded memory and the new chapter of 2011 is soon to be under way.  For me, this year almost happened too fast, every thing was happening all at once in rapid pace. So this is a  moment to sit back and reflect on what was actually one of the better years of my life.

At the years start life was was much more rocky than I had hoped it would be. For the first time I was extremely uncertain of my future, I was out of school, living everyday with what seemed like no direct purpose. My finances were completely down the drain, I had no clue if I was ever going to be back in a school classroom again, I had no laptop to write with and the lack of having wheels of transportation was beginning not only to take its toll on me but the rest of my family is well.  But if there is one constant lesson in life that I have learned and constantly been reminded of, it’s that without struggle there is no true progress. The pain always becomes before the glory and I embrace the challenge of the pain, it just makes the glory that much more worth it when the obstacle is conquered.

I eventually landed a seasonal warehouse job and While it didn’t last as long as my wallet needed it to, it definitely served its purpose.  Saving up every penny I got my hands on I managed to save up for a new laptop (I killed my old laptop with a great splash of milk, RIP to my minilaptop) and pay for the tags of the car of that my dad had bought me. Soon after that I would embark on a long arduous three month journey to find a loan that would pay for a new school that I was trying to attend. Three trillion loan rejections and two million phone calls later, my dad pulled out a miracle and was finally able to get a loan that basically paid for all of my schooling. This would be another victory under my belt in the year of 2010, the way I looked at it, I was winning in life with a record of 3-0 so far and I intend to stretch out the score even further.

I don’t know how I managed to keep my head on straight in the midst of such uncertainty, when your funds are depleted and money seems to fly opposite your direction quitting seems like it’s the only way out. But I for one don’t take losing for answer, it’s just not in my character, it never has and never will be. I accomplished all of my major goals in 2010 and if I play my cards right, the year 2011 should be nothing less than epic, as I plan on adding many more victory notches under my belt in this game against life.

So how was your 2010 and how do you envision your 2011?

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Couldn’t finish the victory lap

November 2, 2010

If you read my recent blog I outlined what my plans of world domination were. Well folks, sadly to say my plans have been nothing short of a failure so far. I achieved the victory of getting myself a vehicle but the victory was very short lived. After only three days of owning it the ancient hunk of metal decide that it just did not want to start this morning. I inserted the key into the ignition and got not one bit of response from the vehicle, no click, no thud, no anything. In a last ditch effort I got a friend to drive to my house with hopes of using his jump cables to jump start my vehicle. After repeated attempts his cords begin to smoke so that mission was abruptly aborted.

So for now the car just sits in a lonely parking spot in front the house and now I have to return to the life of a foot peddler until this car gets fixed. On a side note my job has given me so few hours that I might as well just be unemployed, so much for saving money for school, or getting a new laptop for that matter.  I’m hoping by the end of the week this car issue will get resolved and things will slowly start to re shape and get back on track.  Until then I’ll fake a smile everyday until things really start to get better.

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Plans of an evil genius

October 26, 2010

With my potential I feel at the ever so young age of 21 that I should have conquered the world by now. You see I’m very much like my Dallas Cowboys in a way. I have all of the tools needed to compete with the best of them, on paper my attributes give the impression that I’m the cream of the crop. But with somewhat of what could be described as lackluster disciplined habits and execution, I don’t always perform to the best of my abilities.

I believe that the main cause of my own downfall is not being goal oriented enough, somewhere between my teenage and adult years I’ve seemed to have  lost some of the drive and passion that I once possessed. That drive gave me the energy to write and create innovative concepts every day. That passion made me believe that one day I could actually rule the world and every single organism on and near the planet earth would know who Minilaptop was.

Now equipped with a new mindset, I’ve realized the four goals that I need complete before I’m able to obtain world domination.

1. Get a vehicle suitable for world conquering

After being undisputed king of the bus stop for years I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s difficult to rule the world while riding public transportation and depending on others for rides. Technically I have already completed this goal, as I have a car, but it has yet to be delivered to my house yet. Currently according to my pops, it is being inspected and if it just so happens to pass inspection, I”ll be able to be another one of Maryland’s horrible drivers who enjoys terrorizing the roads.

It's not about the looks, it's about the driver

That good ole Geo Prizm is my world domination car, yes I am well aware that this car is what we would call a bucket. But it will be my special bucket and together we will accomplish some beautiful things.

2. Get some abs

Ever since I was introduced to Raviolli and Ramen noodles (aka oodles and noodles) as a kid I’ve always kept some extra flab around the belly area. I figured if I’m going to be on top of the world then I might as well look good doing it. It’s not that I think I’m ugly, but my physique definitely has room for improvement. While I’ve made some significant strides in losing weight within the last few years it seems now I keep repeating this pattern of losing weight and then gaining it back again, due to some inconsistent workout practices.

After some long term planning I’ve given myself two options on how I’m going to obtain abs of steel:

1. Minilaptop’s school of Jiu Jitsu- As a life long fan of combat sports I’ve always admired the level of physical shape you have to be in to compete in such sports such as Boxing, Kick boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Jon Jones is a bad man

After Observing the underworld known as my basement, I know for a fact that if my mom can finally clean out the trillions of bags full of miscellaneous papers that lie on the floor taking up valuable space that I would have enough room to turn that waste haven into a home gym. Once I fill it with my desired workout equipment I shall call it Minilaptop’s School Of Jiu Jitsu.

Now in this gym you won’t really learn Jiu Jitsu, or any other fighting style for that matter. The gym will only serve as a way to get you into good enough physical shape so that you look as if you know some type of fighting style. It’s kind of like wearing superhero costume for Halloween. You’ll look like superman, but you won’t really be able to fly any where or do anything really special.

2. Get a gym membership: Financially this option would save me tons of money as Minilaptop’s School Of Jiu Jitsu would drain my wallet after buying all of the required equipment. I found a gym that has a wonderful cheap fee of ten dollars per month (All gyms should be like this). While it’s not the best gym in the world and probably wouldn’t be as fun as my Jiu Jitsu school, it still has all of the basic equipment needed to increase my cardio and get me going in the right direction.

3. Get a new laptop

Ever since I accidentally murdered my Minilaptop some months ago by spilling milk on it I’ve been forced to use this inferior dell home computer. My laptop was the main device where all of my evil genius ideas came to life. I would sit in the privacy of my room and write screenplays, poems and all types of other random concepts that popped inside my head. The screenplay was my main focus, right before I killed my laptop I wrote about 64 pages of greatness but now that creation just sits hopelessly inside my external hard drive collecting dust. Now I know you’re probably thinking that I should just write everything on my home computer, while in theory that sounds reasonable, once I actually try it, it just doesn’t work out. Writing in my own room and writing in my living room are two different ball games. While in my room I don’t have to dodge my two little brothers and their hot wheels cars while I attempt to hear myself think as I write.  So once black Friday sales start to kick in I plan on buying one of those HP beats laptops which have the perfect audio quality that will give me repeated eargasms as I write. Sadly,  if I get that laptop I won’t technically be Mr. Minilaptop anymore, but in honor of my Minilaptop I will never drop the moniker.

It's destiny, you shall be mine

4. Get back in school

Can’t establish or run a kingdom if you only have half of a brain right?

I got a seasonal job this summer (And they haven’t been giving good hours lately :() with the soul purpose of saving up enough funds so I can attend a recording institute starting in 2011. Aside from writing, my other passion is music and I have high hopes to sharpen my skills and hopefully become an audio engineer one day. So I’ll get to be the guy who makes all of the vocals sound sexy and add all of the extra effects needed so that every song you hear gives your ear some audio satisfaction. Later in the road of life  I also plan on releasing some instrumental CD’s, but for now I won’t get too ahead of myself, Can’t walk without crawling first.

So there you have it, once all of these goals comes to pass the world shall be mine. I recommend that you also write down your goals, as it will give you something to strive for every day. Just don’t let your ultimate goal be world domination, or you may have to cross paths with the almighty Minilaptop and that could be bad for you. *Insert evil genius laugh*


Minilaptop’s alternate movie endings

October 18, 2010

We’ve all done it before. You’re sitting down with that family sized bag of cool ranch doritos while watching a movie of your choice, then you begin to think.

“Man if that was me that never would have happened, these movie people are so stupid.”

Well my friends I also participate in this activity, while I don’t necessarily label the characters in the movie as “stupid” (With the exception of people in horror movies), I can’t help but imagine that if I was in some of my favorite movies, the story lines and endings would probably have to be somewhat altered. So I’ve gone through the trouble of compiling a list of three movies that may have went a little different if I had been one of the main stars.

Disclaimer: It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any of the movies that I’ve listed, so forgive me if my summaries are a bit off.

1. The Matrix

"You think that's air you're breathing?"- Morpheous

Hollywood Version: Basically the main character Neo, is a computer programmer by day and computer hacker by night. He has many questions about the world that he lives in, but he doesn’t have many clues as to where to start to get his answers. Then out of the blue he is contacted by Trinity, who then introduces him to Morpheous, the man who brings Neo closer to the truth by exposing him to how his world is really controlled by cyber intelligence and is filled with those dreadful agents. In the end Neo realizes that he is “the one” and takes down all the agents and the for now the world is safe, blah blah blah the hero wins.

Minilaptop’s alternate version:  My knowledge of computers is pretty much non existent so there is no possible way that I could be a computer programmer, yet alone a hacker. So I imagine Trinity would probably have gotten in contact with me by sending me a friend request on facebook. Upon seeing that her and I have no mutual friends, I would at first have been skeptical, but based alone on that fact that she is a female I would have accepted her. Upon accepting her she would then post strange message on my wall about following that retarded white rabbit, which would probably cause many arguments because I’m not a huge fan of most things that have more than two legs. Eventually in some strange way I would realize that the white rabbit that I was to follow wouldn’t physically be an animal, but just a mere tattoo that looks like it came from a cereal box.

Later on I would be introduced to the man of the hour, Morpheous. This is the moment of truth, the moment when Morpheous offers me the red pill or the blue pill.

The red pill takes me deep into the depths of the matrix and the blue pill lets me go back to my regularly scheduled life. Under mental peer pressure and curiousness, I would swallow the red pill that almost resembles a jelly bean. But after being exposed to murderous agents, random shoot outs and a war that i’m not mentally prepared for, I would try frantically to explain to Morpheous that he should definitely hand over that blue pill and let me return to my normal world of facebook and family guy. During our conversation the infamous Agent Smith would probably appear and on this note the film would be near its closing. Agent Smith would probably dish out the most epic beat down that I’ve ever received in my 21 years of living and after a wave of deadly punches and kicks I would be forced to wave the white flag in defeat. After my death the agents would eventually rule the world and I would be remembered as the guy who miserably failed in the war against the agents. So much for the hero ending, life can’t always be sweet.

2. Child’s Play

Hollywood Version: So this psycho killer dude who probably didn’t get enough hugs as a child ends up getting shot in a toy warehouse of all places. Right before he officially kicks the bucket he recites some evil chant that reincarnates his soul and he ends up possessing one of the toys in the warehouse. This toy is a doll who is known as Chucky. Later on, a mother ironically purchases this doll for her son as a birthday present and as you can imagine, killer doll+innocent child=lots of crazy things happening. Chucky’s ultimate goal is to transfer his soul back into a human and that human just happens to be the little child named Andy.

Minilaptop’s alternate version: Now even though young Andy did ask for the doll for his birthday, I for one would be highly offended if my mom bought me a doll instead of a new G.I. Joe action figure when I was a toddler, so Chucky would most likely find himself buried at the bottom of my toy box. Upon exiting my toy box I can imagine Chucky would be a little pissed at me for not at least having the courtesy to place him at the top of the pile. I then would have to inform him that he is not as nearly as important as my Hot wheels cars, my super hero action figures or my Ronin Warriors collection and I would hope that he wouldn’t take it personal.

As I can imagine I would start to grow suspicious of Chucky, as ever since he arrived, numerous people have been attacked and/or killed. Our friendship would probably quickly sour because if my mom finds out i’m out doing evil deeds with a killer doll she surely won’t let me wake up early Saturday morning to watch my favorite cartoons anymore (Doug, Rugrats, Beast Wars) and that is unacceptable. No longer trusting me, Chucky would probably make some attempts to take my life and this is where I show Chucky that he’s not the only evil little thing that can terrorize people. As a kid I had quite the temper, so killer doll or not, Chucky would have to prepare for war, a war that would be nearly impossible for him to win. Chucky may have the soul of satan, but he is no superman. He can’t fly, he doesn’t have super strength or speed, he’s barely two feet doll and lets not forget that he is a DOLL! You know what my plastic sword and shield could do to a DOLL? It would be absolute slaughter. So Chucky has the sharpest knife in the kitchen, and? At age 5 I studied Link from Zelda endlessly, I know every sword move that ever existed. Chucky and I would engage in a five round blade fighting/plastic sword contest that ends with Chucky being nearly crippled after repeated hits to the limbs and forehead.  As the credits roll we’ll see Chucky walking off into the darkness, defeated and looking for another family to terrorize. As for me, I’ll be having a nice conversation with my mom about why she shouldn’t buy me anymore dolls for my birthday.

3. Final Destination

Hollywood version: Student Alex Browning and his classmates are bound for a trip to Paris. Just minutes before the plane is set to take off Alex has a vivid premonition of the plane exploding. Very much frightened, Alex begins to panic and causes quite a scene which ends up getting Alex, along with several of his classmates kicked off of the plane. Upon returning to the airport terminal, Alex and his classmates watch as flight 180 explodes into the sky.


But this isn’t the end of the commotion, after the explosion Alex’s friends mysteriously start to die one by one and they must find a way to cheat death in order to survive.

Minilaptop’s alternate version: So i’m sitting on a plane and all of a sudden I have vision of my plane going up in hellfire. Like Alex, I instantly flee from that plane, probably running with Usain Bolt like speed back to the parking lot with hopes that my friends would follow behind. After witnessing the plane explode I would return home and probably stay in solitary confinement for a few hours and shortly after wards I would receive the first phone call of one of my friends mysterious deaths.

Knowing the group of misfits that I associate with, I can imagine our deaths wouldn’t be as bloody as much as they would be creative. One of us would probably die from electric shock, after spilling a soda bottle all over studio recording equipment. A trip to the food court in the mall would turn deadly as one of us would abruptly choke on a chicken tender and roll over to an unsuspected death. After two deaths I would officially label my friends as jinx’s and slowly but surely I’d ease away from hanging around them. One of the themes of this movie is trying to cheat death but me being the logical person that I am, So I would come to the inevitable conclusion that this can’t be done. You can cheat on your spouse, you can cheat on your taxes, you can cheat in video games, but as far as death, when it’s your time to go you might as well get ready to fly with the angels. I would be trapped in quite a paranoid lifestyle as my friends drop off one by one. As the end draws near I would be the last surviving person who would probably die in a way I wasn’t prepared for. While I would be on the look out for all sharp objects and things that could possibly fall on top of my head, my death would come at one of my favorite things in the world, cereal.

It gets no better

Upon anxiously opening a box of cinnamon toast crunch I would rip open the bag a bit too hard, sending flying pieces of cinnamon squares everywhere. A large cluster of cinnamon squares would probably awkwardly land in the food disposable at the bottom of the sink. The next time I go to turn on the disposal it would begin to malfunction and as I reach to cut it off, a left over piece of silverware that I accidentally left in the disposal would do a full flip into the air and stab me right in the middle of my forehead. The piercing pain would send me falling back, crashing into the kitchen table, knocking the box of cereal to the kitchen floor. There I would lay dead, Surrounded by blood and a pattern of Cinnamon toast crunch that ironically outlines my body.

After making this list I’ll make sure the last thing I become is an actor, I seem to picture myself dying a little too much. Feel free to add your own alternate endings to any movies that you feel would be different if you starred in them.