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2010: A year in review

December 26, 2010

Well folks it’s about that time, 2010 is about to be a faded memory and the new chapter of 2011 is soon to be under way.  For me, this year almost happened too fast, every thing was happening all at once in rapid pace. So this is a  moment to sit back and reflect on what was actually one of the better years of my life.

At the years start life was was much more rocky than I had hoped it would be. For the first time I was extremely uncertain of my future, I was out of school, living everyday with what seemed like no direct purpose. My finances were completely down the drain, I had no clue if I was ever going to be back in a school classroom again, I had no laptop to write with and the lack of having wheels of transportation was beginning not only to take its toll on me but the rest of my family is well.  But if there is one constant lesson in life that I have learned and constantly been reminded of, it’s that without struggle there is no true progress. The pain always becomes before the glory and I embrace the challenge of the pain, it just makes the glory that much more worth it when the obstacle is conquered.

I eventually landed a seasonal warehouse job and While it didn’t last as long as my wallet needed it to, it definitely served its purpose.  Saving up every penny I got my hands on I managed to save up for a new laptop (I killed my old laptop with a great splash of milk, RIP to my minilaptop) and pay for the tags of the car of that my dad had bought me. Soon after that I would embark on a long arduous three month journey to find a loan that would pay for a new school that I was trying to attend. Three trillion loan rejections and two million phone calls later, my dad pulled out a miracle and was finally able to get a loan that basically paid for all of my schooling. This would be another victory under my belt in the year of 2010, the way I looked at it, I was winning in life with a record of 3-0 so far and I intend to stretch out the score even further.

I don’t know how I managed to keep my head on straight in the midst of such uncertainty, when your funds are depleted and money seems to fly opposite your direction quitting seems like it’s the only way out. But I for one don’t take losing for answer, it’s just not in my character, it never has and never will be. I accomplished all of my major goals in 2010 and if I play my cards right, the year 2011 should be nothing less than epic, as I plan on adding many more victory notches under my belt in this game against life.

So how was your 2010 and how do you envision your 2011?

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Couldn’t finish the victory lap

November 2, 2010

If you read my recent blog I outlined what my plans of world domination were. Well folks, sadly to say my plans have been nothing short of a failure so far. I achieved the victory of getting myself a vehicle but the victory was very short lived. After only three days of owning it the ancient hunk of metal decide that it just did not want to start this morning. I inserted the key into the ignition and got not one bit of response from the vehicle, no click, no thud, no anything. In a last ditch effort I got a friend to drive to my house with hopes of using his jump cables to jump start my vehicle. After repeated attempts his cords begin to smoke so that mission was abruptly aborted.

So for now the car just sits in a lonely parking spot in front the house and now I have to return to the life of a foot peddler until this car gets fixed. On a side note my job has given me so few hours that I might as well just be unemployed, so much for saving money for school, or getting a new laptop for that matter.  I’m hoping by the end of the week this car issue will get resolved and things will slowly start to re shape and get back on track.  Until then I’ll fake a smile everyday until things really start to get better.

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Song of the day (10/29/10)

October 29, 2010

An epic song and music video in my opinion.


Bonus song of the day