Couldn’t finish the victory lap

November 2, 2010

If you read my recent blog I outlined what my plans of world domination were. Well folks, sadly to say my plans have been nothing short of a failure so far. I achieved the victory of getting myself a vehicle but the victory was very short lived. After only three days of owning it the ancient hunk of metal decide that it just did not want to start this morning. I inserted the key into the ignition and got not one bit of response from the vehicle, no click, no thud, no anything. In a last ditch effort I got a friend to drive to my house with hopes of using his jump cables to jump start my vehicle. After repeated attempts his cords begin to smoke so that mission was abruptly aborted.

So for now the car just sits in a lonely parking spot in front the house and now I have to return to the life of a foot peddler until this car gets fixed. On a side note my job has given me so few hours that I might as well just be unemployed, so much for saving money for school, or getting a new laptop for that matter.  I’m hoping by the end of the week this car issue will get resolved and things will slowly start to re shape and get back on track.  Until then I’ll fake a smile everyday until things really start to get better.

And here’s a family guy clip just for reading this blog.



  1. im sorry buddy 😦 im sure things will pick up soon 🙂

  2. Keep your head up bro, things like this happen. It will get better. If I were in your shoes id consider a motorcycle. Cheap to maintain, very high mpg, inexpensive to buy. I would be at cycle world right now 🙂

    • I’m terrified of driving a motorcycle lol.

  3. I hate it when nothing is going right. That’s just the worst. At least you’ve got good taste in music and TV.

    Hang in there.

    No, literally – hang in there. I mean, hang on the motorcycle tight.

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