Snap shot

October 11, 2010

Have you ever taken any nude or questionable photographs of yourself? Have you ever starred and/or directed in any mischievous videos that your old folks would be ashamed to see? More importantly, have you sent these precious little moments of your life out to your friends? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then please do me the favor of not telling me because honestly I would feel uncomfortable with your random nude visuals sketched inside my cranium. (Unless you’re female, then we may negotiate.)

I asked these questions because according to my Minilaptop statistics a rather large percentage of people have at one point in their life taken some picture that involves a mirror, some type of sexy pose and the free roaming of the genital area. But what some of these free balling people fail to realize is that these pictures/videos are never private and by the time you’ve sent them to that one special person, 1001 other members of the human race have also seen your goods.

That little cell phone camera is the biggest snitch in the world and he will run his mouth for an eternity until the evidence is destroyed. Take brett Favre for example.


At 1000 years of age he's still throwing footballs.


Mr. Favre of the Minnesota Vikings has currently landed in some hot water lately for reportedly sending some very inappropriate messages and photos to a former New York Jets employee. (Brett favre is almost 100 years old, why is he sending crotch shots?) I have no idea what was going through Mr. Favre’s head when he participated in these shenanigans. Did he not realize that he is the face of a football franchise and that if those messages leaked (Which they did) that the tabloids would explode?

My only explanation is that like many of us, Favre thought that these supposedly private pictures would never reach the masses. Somehow he forgot that we live in the digital age, where pictures, video and other types of media are endlessly shared and exchanged throughout the world.

As soon as that picture was sent he put his right to privacy at a major risk. Now it may not be fair that the woman he chose to share these pictures with decided to go public with what probably should have remained a private matter. But the truth is as soon as one person gets a hold of those pictures, there is no telling how many others will get there dirty hands on it and duplicate it as well as post it on any website of their choosing.

So, just remember, you need to make sure that your “special” pictures remain out of sight. For if you cannot keep them under wraps, you just might ending up being the advertisement for your favorite porn site.

Side note: For those of you who send nudes, please be aware of the miscellaneous items that you leave in the background of your photos. I won’t expand on this, just use your imagination.



  1. lol ok i have recieved this picture and let me just say it is not appealing…so i hope EVERYBODY reads this and i cannot imagine what ppl have behind them in a picture hahaha shame!!!

  2. As a die hard San Francisco 49er fan, this is AWESOME. I respect Brett Favre for what he has accomplished, and I would never wish harm on someone, but this makes me smile. He brought this upon himself. I hope it gets in his head and the Vikings lose every game this season.

  3. Speaking of Favre; Have you noticed he’s thrown more interceptions when he could win a game then when he’s actually won a game lately?

    One look at my avatar and all bets are off 🙂

  4. Did you know that at the age of 41, Brett Favre is a grandfather?! And he’s married to boot. This situation is wrong on so many levels.

    • 41? I thought he was a good 45 but yeah, he’s got a lot of explaining to do to his wife. He needs to explain all of the interceptions he’s been throwing lately to.

  5. I have been tempted to take pictures of myself, but I am way, way too paranoid to do something like that and have it spread like wildfire. So, I totally understand your warning!

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