Minilaptop’s fall/winter survival kit

September 24, 2010

Well, it’s about that time of year again folks. Fall season is among us and winter is lurking it’s head right around the corner. Usually most of us gaze at the beauty of the ever so color changing leaves as the fall season begins to take form. But for me, these color changing leaves are a warning, they let me know that I need to gear up for the 2nd worst season of the year. (Winter being 1st.) Pretty soon me and my immune system are going to have to go to war with coughs, soar throats, headaches and colds. During the last fall season I fought the weather and  caught bronchitis (Needless to say I lost that fight.), which is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I couldn’t even breathe without chewing on cough drops every five seconds and I constantly coughed up spit large chunks of mucus  like it was out of style. Needless to say that whole fall/winter season was pretty awful, especially considering Maryland’s record snow fall numbers last year, which led  me to go to war with snow, equipped with only a very dingy kiddy toy looking shovel. But this year I plan to win my fight against these evil seasons and for this blog I shall share the arsenal of things that you and I can use to survive.

1. Coat/Jacket/Hoodie

Picture via google images

Make sure you find the perfect coat or jacket to wear this season because it’s going to be a cold one. Usually I’m not really the jacket kind of person, So I just wear a long sleeve shirt under two other T-shirts which all goes under a nice huge warm hoodie. But no matter what you wear, make sure it’s something big enough to hide in and please make sure it’s made of quality material. If you come at mother nature with some half crap second grade clothing material she will hit you full force with all kinds of sickness’s that you won’t even be able to respond to.

2. Beanies/Hats

Image via amazon.com (Go Longhorns)

Every good overcoat or hoodie needs to be complimented with a great beanie to match. If you choose to wear a beanie it would be wise for it to be big enough to at least cover your ears. Being that my ears are abnormally small, they tend to freeze quickly when the temperatures start to dip so I need something to protect my little hearing devices.

Side note: If your head gear does not protect your ears you can always get headphones to do the job, I’m always listening to music so this works for me even with the addition of my beanie.

3. Long socks

Picture via google images (Football socks are really warm)

Now for me this is optional because I have beastly hairy legs so honestly my legs are usually the last thing that gets cold on my body. But for those who do not have my grizzly like attributes, you should definitely invest in some nice comfy long socks to keep those legs and feet comfortable for the cold seasons.

4. Facial hair

Image via thebeardly.blogspot.com

Now ladies if you can relate to this suggestion you may want to get yourself checked out. But for my fellow male counterparts if you have facial hair, by all means let it grow. Aside from the hair on my chin I despise the rest of the forest that grows on my face and usually I try my best to keep it under control. But toward the middle of the fall season I tend to let my facial amazon run wild and expand as it pleases.You’d be surprised at the difference a beard can make during cold weather. I once made the mistake of shaving all of my facial hair off during the heart of the winter, the result left my face extremely naked and the shivering winds put a beating on my cheeks that made me instantly miss my once furry face guardian.

5. Afro/Lots of hair

Vintage Minilaptop

If you’re going to  follow the advice of the facial hair then you should probably tag team that with growing your hair out a bit. This is me about a year or two ago, as you can see my afro was in full effect. Majority of the time I keep a low clean haircut but it’s a really weird feeling when your head starts to freeze. So I combat the cold weather with lots of hair, I would advise you to do the same. My only problem with the afro is that every time I wear any type of hat it mushes my hair down, so for the most part I keep the hat on and use my hair as a second line of defense.

6. Cough drops/Medicine

Image via overstockdrugstore.com

If you’re like me the fall and winter season almost triples the rate at which you are struck by illness. As I mentioned earlier last fall I caught bronchitis and cough drops pretty much saved my life until I was given the proper medication to cure me. But as well as cough drops you should stock up on medicines that relieve fevers, allergies, soar throats, congestion & stuffy noses. You never know what type of sickness the weather may hit you with so you have to be prepared for anything.

7. A quality shovel

Image via samsclub.com

Before this winter I shall take it upon myself to make sure my family has a shovel that is actually built to fight against intense snow storms. This Toys R Us looking shovel that I have now just isn’t getting the job done. It’s doubling the time it should take to shovel a parking spot and it puts extra pain on my back as I try to lift up piles of snowy residue. So do yourself a favor and have  a quality shovel at your disposal so you can make your life just a tad bit easier.

8. Trusty laptop

The minilaptop that I unfortunately broke (RIP)

On those days when the weather gets extreme and winter cancellations light up your news stations, it is crucial that you keep a laptop somewhere nearby. Watching random youtube videos and writing usually helps me enjoy my day when mother nature is outside having her wintery period. If the winter takes away your inspiration to write then you could always read my blog during those depressing days. If my life plans go according to the way I envision them going,  I should be back in college by January,  so I’m sure that I will have plenty of things to run my mouth about that you may find entertaining. (Yes I’m aware I just gave myself some shameless self promotion.)

9. Movies

Image via wikipedia

Sadly, I have no significant other to cuddle with as I watch movies all day while bundled up under bed sheets but I definitely plan on having myself a nice action packed film marathon during the winter days when there isn’t much else to do. So grab yourself an interesting flick, get some hot chocolate or your beverage of choice and enjoy some nice family films or whatever type of movies that you enjoy watching.

10. Video games

Image via ign.com (Can't wait until this comes out)

If you’re a gamer then the winter is the perfect time for you to bond with your Playstation 3/Xbox 360/Wii or whatever game console that your little heart desires to play. Call Of Duty Black Ops will probably be taking up much of my time during the winter, If I’m back in school by then I’ll have to find a way to balance throwing grenades and studying textbooks.

11. Treadmill

Image via google.com

One of the worst things about the fall and winter seasons is that it puts many of us in hibernation mode. As I’m sure you know during hibernation you remain pretty inactive unless you’re grabbing some type of edible substance to stuff your face with. Also during this period it is very common for you to put on a few undesired pounds. Luckily I have a seasonal warehouse job and I plan on saving up to buy myself a quality treadmill so I can drop the weight that I’ve already gained back since college ended as well as keep myself at a manageable weight during my hibernation period.

12. Snacks/Food

Image via amazon.com

Now I know this post completely contradicts the previous one but it is of the utmost importance that you FILL your humble abode with snacks. Last year our snowstorms were so bad that the roads were completely covered and walking/driving outside was dangerous to say the least. So before any major storms hit your area load up on your Doritos, hamburgers, cereal, fruits and every other kinds of grub that you can get your hands on. You never know when a vicious storm could hit, so you have to be able to feed yourself during the times you aren’t able to travel about outside. Just don’t forget about the treadmill or whatever exercise equipment you have while you’re filling up your belly.

I know you might be thinking it’s a little early to plan out all of this, seeing as the fall season has barely even started and winter is still months away. But it’s never to early to get ready for the inevitable, I’d rather get prepared now instead of waiting until my nose is filled with mucus and my front step has 13 inches of white powder stacked on top of it.  Hopefully you’ve found this blog helpful and I hope that you remember it as you prepare to survive these next couple of months. Feel free to add anything that you think is crucial to survive during the stretch of the fall and winter seasons.



  1. First of all, COOL RANCH!! Second, COOL RANCH. Third, Facial Hair!!!

    I will grow my mustache out this winter. Even though I live in Cali and it doesn’t get too cold, I still think it makes sense.

    • Grow out your mustache and then you can go confront the lady who “erased” your tv shows.

  2. we are heading into summer hehe 😀

    definately more exercise, definately NO doritos and I need a new bikini haha.

    • One bag of doritos won’t kill you, just have to resist the temptation to grab two more bags lol.

  3. Wow, The Professional is one of my all time favorite films. An assassin with a pet tree. Priceless!

    • A pet tree and a cigarette smoking gun toting nine year old side kick. Plus a psychotic Gary Oldman,not much this movie doesn’t have.

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