Curse you 3D movies

September 17, 2010

I hate 3D movies, I really do, like I really hate 3D movies, I just can’t really emphasize that point enough.

While some movies look very impressive In 3D (Avatar) not every single movie needs to be put out in 3D format because not all of them are visually built for it. Avatar was the perfect movie to release in 3D, being that the film was already visually amazing it only made sense to release it in 3D to enhance what was already such a beautiful piece of eye candy to look at. But it seems after the release of Avatar almost every single movie wants to dive into the three dimensional realm and it’s getting quite annoying.

The majority of these movies have absolutely NO reason to be released in anything other than standard format. When I saw the trailer for Step Up 3D (A dance film for those who don’t know.) I almost shot my television. Really? Step up 3D? How can 3D possibly make a dance movie any better? So if one of the dancers just happens to do the robot or the running man will his foot come out of the screen and kick me in my face? If the dancer does a flip will he fly right out of the projection screen and into the actual theater? It’s bad enough that I already wear glasses so now when I watch a movie in 3D I have to wear glasses on top of glasses just so I can see what’s going on, which for those of you who don’t have the displeasure of having to wear glasses is highly uncomfortable. I recently went and saw the latest Resident Evil movie in IMAX 3D (I really wanted to go see Machete but I wasn’t the one paying for the tickets so I was over ruled) and the glasses they gave me fit like a NFL face mask. As I was watching the movie through these supremely dork 3D glasses I couldn’t help but wonder what was the purpose of this movie even being in 3D? Honestly throughout the whole film there was only one scene where 3D was necessary and that was only because one blood molecule about the size of a Cheerio splatted on the glasses. (And maybe it was just my eyes but every 3D pistol in Resident Evil looked like it was directly in my face.) Personally, I think this whole 3D craze is just a fad. It’s just another thing to get consumers to spend more money than they actually need to, just so they can watch a movie that had no business being in 3D in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy wearing the super sized 3D glasses or are you just as tired as this 3D crap as I am?



  1. I am not a fan of 3D… at all. I agree with you that Avatar was pretty cool with it, but it was visual eye candy and its 3D version was specifically made for it. I hope this fad gets over with, but I forsee every single movie being 3D for at least a couple of years.

    I wear glasses too so I know what you mean by the double glasses effect, it is really annoying and dorky looking.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t look like 3d is going anywhere soon. More stores are starting to sell 3D tv’s and even ESPN is starting to show sports in 3D. Just going to have to wait this fad out.

  2. hhaa yeah i feel ur pain!

    they did a dance movie in 3D DANCE!?? why what for!??

    urgh its the flavour of the month sort of speak i think.

    I had a couple friends who said they felt sick after seeing 3D movies hehe.

    • Yep, even dance movies are jumping in, look up the step up 3D movie, horrible stuff lol.

      I feel sick after wasting money to watch 3D movies lol, but I have read articles that show 3D movies do have some side effects if you look at them for too long.

  3. I NEVER watch a film in 3D. I absolutely hate it!

    I hope that it does turn out to be a fad because it’s pretty much just a waste of time and money.

    The only film I wanted to see 3D was Avatar but I missed my chance.. Can’t say I’m worse off for it though! 😀

    • I think eventually it will die out. Then they will come out with some type of new technology that every one will jump on the bandwagon of.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I watched probably a half dozen and the only one worth it was, as you said, Avatar. Now should they come out with watchable hologram movies, I might buy into it.

  5. I am totally with you. I don’t see 3D movies – it feels too trendy to me, and I don’t like things way up close to my face, so that’s an issue too. We should make up a facebook page for this.

    • Just might do that, hopefully that page doesnt bomb like my other fan page has.

  6. I agree with you!

    You know what I don’t like: Disney’s new movies!!!
    Ok, I actually like them, I love Shrek and Nemo and so on, they look cool and are really funny, but I terribly miss the beautiful old Disney movies! I miss beautiful princesses and animals and backgrounds that were more of art than cartoons! I miss that…

    But to come back to 3D, you know that the future is in 3D TV, right? Fortunately, I’ve heard that it doesn’t require glasses, so you don’t have to look like Robocop in your own home.

    • Shrek was a good one, Disney Pixar’s UP is one of my all time favorites, great movie. I saw the last Ice age movie in 3D and that was a let down like most 3D movies I’ve seen. Those 3D TV’s are extra expensive, I doubt anybody in my house will be buying one, ha.

  7. I’m glad it seems most people here agree with you. I didn’t even see Avatar in 3D. In general I find “3D” doesn’t add anything extra to a movie, and I’m too cheap anyways to buy a premium ticket.

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