It’s called soap and water people

August 30, 2010

Lately I’ve been noticing a quite disturbing activity that my fellow male counterparts are doing, actually I should say, it’s something that they are not doing. I observed this unpleasant action in a Wal Mart restroom about a week ago.

One of the greatest stores ever created

As I was in the restroom another gentlemen used the urinal that was right next to mine, after taking a much well needed leak I proceeded to the sink and began to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands the gentleman next to me had finished using the urinal, afterward he flushed the urinal and walked right back outside.

Excuse me sir,  but are you aware that your hand was just touching your crotch? And after touching your crotch you didn’t even attempt to put one miniature drop of soap or water on your hands? Is it really that hard to do a task as simple as washing your hands? All you have to do is apply soap, add water and then rub your hands together in a clockwise motion. But you avoided the soap like it was the black plague. What makes it even worse is that the next poor individual that you decide to give a handshake to won’t know of the leftover genital residue that is infiltrating his skin. So, to my fellow males who aren’t skilled in the sanitation and/or hygiene department, please take that extra five seconds out of your bathroom time to wash your hands. I don’t want to have the displeasure of giving you a crotch infested handshake, it just doesn’t feel right with me.



  1. Woah. This is upsetting. Are you saying you think it’s just a localized Walmart situation or should I be worried about guys I meet out at bars? I could wear my yellow rubber gloves when I go out so as to minimize germs. Maybe I could write sexy words on them to make them more appealing. It’s all about safety though.

  2. It can happen any where, approach with extreme caution, where yellow gloves when appropriate. Gotta be ready for battle against germs at anytime.

  3. Nice post, thanks! This reminds me to be careful. Some women even are the same! I know one in my workplace. You know it’s her that just went inside the stall but when she gets done, you don’t hear the faucet running so she can wash her hands but you can hear her exiting the restroom, Lol 🙂 Always safe to carry around hand sanitizer.

  4. HA! This is just disgusting! This is why I MAKE sure I wash my hands ALL the time. The whole time I was reading this post I was thinking about one of these disgusting gentlemen shaking my hand and it began to feel like an infested garbage can! EWWWW!!! Just NASTY!!! Good post though! LOL 🙂


  5. I knew there was a reason I don’t really like shaking people’s hands… you never know where that hand has been. That is just disturbing, ick!

  6. So glad someone else cares about hygiene, most people don’t because they think “meh, it’s my own germs”, but they don’t realise that everything they touch, or handshake, it’s being transmitted to.

    I carry around antibacterial hand sanitizer, avoid shaking hands even in business situations, and cringe when I see other girls walk out without washing their hands, especially the ones you KNOW weren’t a number 1. The girls on this post are right, it’s not just guys that do this.

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