Fellas, we gotta cut this nonsense out

August 30, 2010

Before I start the following blog I would like to give a quick shout out to my friend Robb, who insisted that I give him an honorable mention. So here you are Robb, you have just been given five seconds of fame. Now lets get down to business.

I’m not even going to set a scenario or do a long drawn out introduction, I’ll just get straight to the point. If you are of my age (21) or older, you should not I repeat you should not be preying on these young high school females. There are way too many older guys out here that seem to think it’s cool to still play around with these very young females. I mean honestly, what do you and her really have in common? A college junior and a high school freshman are two totally different lives and I don’t want to hear that garbage saying of “age ain’t nothing but a number.” No dummy, in many states by law you having sexual relations with that minor is considered rape, so age aint nothing but a jail sentence. Even if the female is of the age of consent, are you really telling me you’re over 21 and you’re really in love with a 16 year old? You’re worrying about college loans and getting into the real world while she is having heart attacks over wack fashion trends and geometry homework. A lot of us men need to step our game up, get off of these barely seasoned females and try and match yourself with someone in your own age bracket who most likely has real goals, a job, more life experience and is most likely more mature than a 16 year old.

Also to any young female who might be reading this please don’t fall for these lame older guys who can’t pull a female that’s there own age. He knows that you think he is more mature because he’s older, has a job and drives a nice car. Once he gets you in that mental trap it’s game over, he’s been playing the field a lot longer than you have and he knows the rules of the game, most likely all you are to him is instant sex and nothing more. Please don’t fall victim to that dreaded “L” word either, I know so may women who get caught up in that one word so much that they start to lose sight of reality, he doesn’t love you, he loves that he can use you. I’m done blabbing my mouth off now, just had to get that off my chest, you all have a nice day.


One comment

  1. I TOTALLY agree. What is that about?? It just makes the dude look like he’ll be on that show “To Catch a Predator” in a few years.

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