Hall of shame vol.1

August 11, 2010

As great success stories are often memorized and rewarded we must also take the time out to recognize the beautiful failures of the world.


Yes, at one point Myspace was the god of social networking sites. But oh how the mighty have fallen. Now overrun by 12 year olds and would be rappers it is now just an after thought of the internet world. Unfortunately i’m forced to keep my dreadful Myspace account because not all of my friends have not converted to the addicting social cult/religion site known as facebook. So for those in the social networking world who haven’t jumped on the facebook bandwagon, feel free to climb aboard. As for myspace, may you forever RIP.


To say this was the worst soda to ever hit the market would be a gross understatement. Visually it looked like one of those liquids that you would see in a science lab, that would have a clear warning sign in bolded letters to alarm you of the dangers of swallowing it. In this case when i first sipped Pepsi blue I had an immediate side of effect of enormous disappointment. Stick to the basics Pepsi, let’s not have a repeat of this ever again.

Death to video game movies

Now pretty much every video game movie turns out to be god awful. But somehow Streetfighter found a way to surpass god awfulness, putting itself in a league of its own when it comes to horrible movies. Every now and then I watch this when i need a good laugh, it was one of those movies that was so bad that it was almost good. Any fan of the original Streetfighter game probably had a near heart attack after watching this blasphemy. I on the other hand prefer to laugh at the one of endless things that was wrong with this movie.

1. Somehow E. Honda went from Being Japanese to Hawaiian.

2. Dhalsim didn’t become bald headed until almost the end of the movie.

3. Zangief had an IQ of somewhere near -5.

4. Balrog was a hero instead of a villain.

Honestly Bison was the only highlight of this film. (RIP to the actor who played him.)


I will proudly stand by every CD that i’ve ever purchased and not be ashamed to be an owner of it. As for this album, I shall bury it ten feet below in my backyard and deny to the death that I ever spent 13 bucks on this garbage. I probably was about 16 years of age when this album was released, i still remember hearing “So icy” for the first time and thinking it was one of the hottest songs ever (To this day I can’t deny how catchy the song is). Originally i only liked the song because of Young Jeezy’s verse and the hook which constantly repeated itself over in my head daily. I don’t know what my thought process was when I purchased this CD but I was obviously not being a critical thinker at the time. I’m surprised my CD player was even able to process and playback the hot garbage that is this album. As I listened to horrid song after horrid song,  buyers remorse started to kick in and for the first time i was ashamed to have owned a CD. Thank god that as i’ve gotten older my music collection has expanded to more talented rappers and other genre’s of music that I can proudly own and jam on my ipod. As for Gucci, i shall never let you infiltrate my CD collection again.

Welp, as for now the 1st edition of the Hall of shame series is over, but i’m sure later i will think of more shame worthy things that should and well be represented as members of the ever so expanding Hall of shame.



  1. haha u guys had blue pepsi!? i dont think i ever recall seeing here in Australia… haha im a sucker for funky colours i usually choose and select my cocktails by their awesome cool colours haha.

  2. ps i linked you to my blog.

  3. Blue Pepsi? I don’t remember that shiz…Was it supposed to taste just like the original or what?

    Best soda you’ve never had = Ale81…google her…

    • I dont know what it was supposed to taste like but it was pretty horrible, luckily it was only popular for a couple of months.

  4. Hah. Blue pepsi. Thank god I never saw that catastrophe 😛

  5. I love the little CD regret that you had, I had more than one that I loved one or two tracks, but the rest of it I was kind of, ‘blah’ on. I actually would get super excited if I could listen to a CD without skipping tracks and getting a CD would always be a surprise especially for the tracks you didn’t know about it.

    And blue pepsi? Ohhh, no…

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