My bucket list

August 9, 2010

So these are some of the things that I definitely want to do before I turn ancient and fade to black. The list isn’t really that long but it could possibly be very time consuming if i could actually pull all of these off.

1. Produce an album- This would probably be the greatest accomplishment ever, I don’t even care if the album is famous or not.

2. Have one of my screenplays turned into a film- I’ve been working on a kids movie screenplay that I started in my media writing class about two years ago. Since then I’ve graduated from college and still haven’t finished it.

3. Write a book of some sort and have it published- I’ve actually written a book but after re reading it once I got older I realized I didn’t even like what I wrote so I scratched the whole thing.

4. Train in MMA (mixed martial arts)- I want to do Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in particular.

5. Visit another country- Technically I’ve done this, but I was only in Mexico for about 3 hours so I don’t think that really counts.

6. See a UFC fight in person.

7. See a Superbowl in person.

8. Get some nice ripped abs- I really need to get myself back in a gym.

9. Buy a megaphone and yell at somebody- Very random I know.

10. Create a theme song for a video game.

11. Write a commercial and have it appear on television- I’ve written two Pepto Bismol commercials that I swear are classic material.

12. Be in line at any store and randomly pay for the items of the person behind me.

13. Get a pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones- I don’t care how expensive they are those are some amazing headphones.

14. Build myself a personal studio- This could possibly happen in the next year or so.

15. Grow out my beard and get it braided- Came so close to doing this once.

16. Fill up my 80 GB ipod – I have so far to go.

17. Create a cartoon- I have a few ideas in my head but nothing solid.

18. Create my own brand of cereal- I’m a cereal addict.

19. Learn to play the electric guitar.

20. Walk up to a complete stranger (preferably female) and start a conversation- I’m an introvert so this is very hard for me.

21. Get lasik surgery so I can finally get rid of these glasses that I’ve been wearing since the birth of man.

22. Get a cameo in a music video or movie and walk in slow motion- If you don’t think life is better in slow motion then refer to the Dave Chappelle skit.

23. Beat Super Mario 3 one more time- Since I’ve reached adulthood I’ve tried at least three times to beat this out again and for some reason it seems impossible.

24 Escape the friend zone- One day, one day………..

25. Get married- I honestly hesitated putting this up lol. But nobody wants to die old and lonely.

Honorable mention: Buy a segway.

So yeah, my life will be complete if i can some how do these 25 things



  1. #6 on your list is something I highly recommend doing. A live UFC event is like nothing you can experience anywhere else. The energy in the arena is off the chain. If you follow twitter, I highly recommend following @danawhite. He often does free give aways (tikets, merchandise, etc.)

  2. Great list Mike!! Not sure where you’re located out of, but I have been working out with an amazing personal trainer since Easter (Vancouver) and to say my life has changed is a massive understatement. I’ve been an athlete all my life and worked out for many years, but having a trainer changed everything. I highly recommend having a partner in the gym – you’ll have those abs in no time!! Her site is; http://www.hannah-fitness.com/

    • Thanks for the link, i’m thinking of getting a gym membership really soon. I used to be an athlete, kind of wish I would have kept playing sports, it definitely kept me in good shape.

  3. Your list makes me want to make a list. Might steal some of your items…

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