A random night owl blog

August 5, 2010

So it’s almost 4 in the morning and for whatever reason I’m wide awake with my headphones turned up to the full capacity. After a midnight joy ride that spurred some random yet interesting conversation, I now have a collage of things floating around in this head of mine.

1. I think a fairly large percentage of women enjoy being treated like garbage. Also I’m tired of playing superman, you know, being the guy who comes in and listens to all these problems and gives advice that almost always falls upon deaf ears. I’m considering retiring from being this “nice guy” friend, to be honest by observing people’s action I don’t think many women want a nice guy, it’s just all talk. So I might have to take my superman nice guy cape off and go into retirement.

2. For whatever reason eating any food after midnight makes it taste about one thousand times better.

3. After eating these cookies I’ve realized I desperately need to start hitting the gym again.

4. Call of duty modern warfare 2 is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

5. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a family guy addict and I’m perfectly ok with that.

6. I’m greatly anticipating UFC 117, the fight card looks really promising. Looking forward to Silva vs Sonnen and Roy nelson vs Junior Dos Santos.

7. Speaking of anticipation I can’t wait until The Expendables hits theaters.

8. I really need a job so I can break out of my night owl sleeping habits.

9. Why o why can’t it be football season already?

10. I need to start writing poems again, I’ve been slacking off to say the least. Thinking of trying to publish a book of my poems, it’s always been a goal of mine.

11. Looking forward to my next studio session, the last one was productive, hoping I can make it two in a row.

12. I need to expand my anime and martial arts movie collection even more.

13. IP man 1&2 are some of my recent favorite kung fu flicks.

14. Thank god for music, it keeps me sane.

15. Super Mario 3 is the greatest video game ever and you can’t convince me otherwise.

16. I’m anxious and nervous about what my future holds.

17. I’m thinking too hard right now, probably time to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzz.



  1. ok ur prob asleep by now but i want to be put my unsolicited 2cents into this conversation of yours…haha

    1. yes get a job no matter what you want for the future think of every job as a stepping stone to what your dream career or job is and will be.
    2. yes continue with music and singing or watever u do in the studio sounds fun and creative

    3. PLLEAASSEEE dont become an asshole… you seem to suffer from the same problem i do..i pick the broken men who are TOO broken…i fix them and then they leave me to go be perfect for someone else who treats them like shit…then the realise they had it perfect with me and then its too late..

    there is a difference between been a fixer and being nice… A Fixer usually believes they are being nice. A Fixer often acts as a white knight in shining armour to some girl who has major emotional issues and possible mental illnesses…they try to “save” the “Poor girl who seems nice but seems to suffer under the hands of a man”… you do NOT want to continue to be this man.

    Then there are nice guys..who often believe they are losing out because they too come across these girls with severe emotional problems who are completely nuts. A nice guy who is successful with women (as in gets a girl who treats him right too), knows and has learnt to spot the damzels in distress and avoids them like the plague…this is the type of guy that women like me do well with..too bad your too young and too far away hahahha

    im trying to save you for the right girl that im sure you will come across and you dont want to push her away and lose the right one forever because you changed on the basis that you think all women want assholes..


    • Hmm, never thought of myself as a fixer but it makes sense, so i’ll retire from fixing. No worries, I could never be an ashhole, it’s not in me to be mean to somebody unless i really really REALLY dont like you lol. Yes we are very far away and i really hate flying though i would love to leave the country one day lol. You can’t be that old, im 21 in age but my mind is somewhere in the 50’s if that counts for anything lol.

      • haha not im not THAT old im somewhere 27-29 … and you are man… will ALWAYS be in a 21 yr old frame of mind haha 😛

  2. haha, night thinking is demanding.

    i agree with susi spice. i also think a lot of girls just want pure honesty more than nice talk you know? girls are so winy we think so much. we really just need to hear “get over it move on and have a drink with me” or whatever. there is a limit for how much advices work. often we just need a push.

    as for others i have to wake up 6am to go to work ;D night thinking here we come..

  3. You’re interesting

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