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Song of the day (9/31/10)

August 31, 2010

I’ve been in a r&bish mood lately.


It’s called soap and water people

August 30, 2010

Lately I’ve been noticing a quite disturbing activity that my fellow male counterparts are doing, actually I should say, it’s something that they are not doing. I observed this unpleasant action in a Wal Mart restroom about a week ago.

One of the greatest stores ever created

As I was in the restroom another gentlemen used the urinal that was right next to mine, after taking a much well needed leak I proceeded to the sink and began to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands the gentleman next to me had finished using the urinal, afterward he flushed the urinal and walked right back outside.

Excuse me sir,  but are you aware that your hand was just touching your crotch? And after touching your crotch you didn’t even attempt to put one miniature drop of soap or water on your hands? Is it really that hard to do a task as simple as washing your hands? All you have to do is apply soap, add water and then rub your hands together in a clockwise motion. But you avoided the soap like it was the black plague. What makes it even worse is that the next poor individual that you decide to give a handshake to won’t know of the leftover genital residue that is infiltrating his skin. So, to my fellow males who aren’t skilled in the sanitation and/or hygiene department, please take that extra five seconds out of your bathroom time to wash your hands. I don’t want to have the displeasure of giving you a crotch infested handshake, it just doesn’t feel right with me.


Fellas, we gotta cut this nonsense out

August 30, 2010

Before I start the following blog I would like to give a quick shout out to my friend Robb, who insisted that I give him an honorable mention. So here you are Robb, you have just been given five seconds of fame. Now lets get down to business.

I’m not even going to set a scenario or do a long drawn out introduction, I’ll just get straight to the point. If you are of my age (21) or older, you should not I repeat you should not be preying on these young high school females. There are way too many older guys out here that seem to think it’s cool to still play around with these very young females. I mean honestly, what do you and her really have in common? A college junior and a high school freshman are two totally different lives and I don’t want to hear that garbage saying of “age ain’t nothing but a number.” No dummy, in many states by law you having sexual relations with that minor is considered rape, so age aint nothing but a jail sentence. Even if the female is of the age of consent, are you really telling me you’re over 21 and you’re really in love with a 16 year old? You’re worrying about college loans and getting into the real world while she is having heart attacks over wack fashion trends and geometry homework. A lot of us men need to step our game up, get off of these barely seasoned females and try and match yourself with someone in your own age bracket who most likely has real goals, a job, more life experience and is most likely more mature than a 16 year old.

Also to any young female who might be reading this please don’t fall for these lame older guys who can’t pull a female that’s there own age. He knows that you think he is more mature because he’s older, has a job and drives a nice car. Once he gets you in that mental trap it’s game over, he’s been playing the field a lot longer than you have and he knows the rules of the game, most likely all you are to him is instant sex and nothing more. Please don’t fall victim to that dreaded “L” word either, I know so may women who get caught up in that one word so much that they start to lose sight of reality, he doesn’t love you, he loves that he can use you. I’m done blabbing my mouth off now, just had to get that off my chest, you all have a nice day.


Mike Williams: The rebirth

August 30, 2010

From 2002-2003 Mike Williams torched opposing college football defenses. The 6 foot 5, 230 pound wide receiver ran wild for a total of 2,579 yards along with 30 touchdowns as a USC Trojan. After two years of dominating the college ranks Mike Williams decided it would be best to take his talents to the NFL, but making this choice after only completing two years of college would end up back firing on the stand out receiver.

The NFL has a rule stating that only players three years removed from college can make themselves eligible for the NFL draft. This rule was legally challenged by another stand out athlete, Maurice Clarett who was suspended by Ohio State following his 2002 freshman year after he decided to make himself eligible for the draft. After a court case the judge ruled that the NFL could not legally stop Clarett from entering the draft. Hearing the ruling, Mike Williams hired an agent and entered the 2004 NFL draft. But eventually the United States courts of appeal overturned that decision which made Williams and Clarett ineligible for the 2004 NFL draft.  So after a long two year lay off from the field, Williams was eventually selected 10th pick overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2005 NFL draft, but this Williams was not the same football player who once dominated the college field.

He was out of shape with less than impressive conditioning and he often dropped many passed that were thrown his way. After only two seasons with the Lions Williams was traded to the Oakland Raiders where his less than impressive play continued. After dropping a crucial pass in a game against the Tennesse Titans, Williams was quickly released and his football career was in a downward spiral. Ironically in 2007 Mike Williams ended up signing with the Titans, but after weight issues with Williams reportedly at one point having been 270 pounds he was released from the team in 2008.

At this point it seemed as if Mike Williams was going to be one of the biggest NFL bust in recent memory, but sometimes you have to get knocked around a little bit before you can get back up. Last November Williams returned back to the USC campus and his goal was simple, to make a comeback. He had changed his conditioning and attitude by dropping down to 130 pounds, the same weight that he was in college. With this rebuilt frame Williams attempted to tryout for the Seattle Seahawks who are now coached by Pete Carroll, the same coach Williams played for at USC. After showing flashes of what made him once a great player, the Seahawks signed Williams to a one year contract, giving Williams one more chance to prove he can still be a great player. This year in the preason, the 26 year old Williams looks like he may be turning himself into a respectable NFL wide receiver.

So far during the preseason Williams has a total of 149 receiving yards and one touchdown over a three game period. It is reported that he is turning heads in practice and looks like he can be apart of the turning point of a struggling franchise. In a time where many NFL stories are disheartening it’s good to see at least one bright spot in the league. I sincerely hope that Mike Williams can rebirth his career, he is a very talented player who seems to be heading down the right path. I think we can all learn from his story, all it takes is a little motivation and some will power to rebound when it seems like everything is going down hill. He is proving that we all can get second chances but we have to take full advantages of them and be willing to put in the work for second chance to be a successful one.


No kind person, I do not own a cell phone

August 25, 2010

I do NOT own a cell phone, yes, let that statement sink in. I’m probably the only person in the United States of America without a handy dandy cell phone. While the rest of the free world carries around their new Droid/Iphone/Blackberry or whatever new phones have the same monetary value as a car payment,  the only things that I hold captive in my jean pockets are my wallet and my trusty 80 Gb Ipod classic.

As soon I begin to utter the words “I don’t have a cell phone” to somebody the immediate response is “Oh my god, I would die without my cell, how do you not have one?” Well my response to that my fellow cellular dependent friend is once you’ve gone 21 years without something it pretty much becomes an afterthought. I find it hard for me to hold an item in such high regard if I’ve never even owned it, not to mention that I don’t really associate with that great a number of people so I really don’t feel the need to carry a cell phone around. In most instances when I really need to get in contact with someone I use my home phone, (You know, the one that isn’t wireless and has a cord attached to the wall.) Facebook (Very reliable), or occasionally I use a payphone.

Ha, I bet you thought these didn't even exist anymore.

Now I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m completely anti cell phone, even though I don’t own one it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge some of its benefits:

1. Instant communication through texting.

2. It’s helpful in emergency situations.

3. GPS (Thank god for this, my navigational skills aren’t too sharp)

Where are we going again?

But on the other hand there are some cell phone tactics that kind of annoy me:

1. People calling you just to tell you to text them- Cell phones might as well not even have microphones anymore, no one ever talks.

2. Useless cell phone apps- “I have an app that can take me through intergalactic space travel and it tells me how far I am from Jupiter.” Well, when your cell phone has an app that gives you a brain feel free to call me.

3. Sometimes it’s hard to convey tone through a text message unless you put “lol” or a smiley face at the end of every sentence.

Now I’m sure eventually I’ll own a cell phone, I won’t be a dinosaur and not adopt to modern times. But as for now I’ll manage to survive without a cellular device, with 21 years of veteran non cell phone experience I’m sure I’ll do just fine.


Pure insanity

August 24, 2010

This might be the craziest sport i’ve ever seen.


Song of the day (8/22/10)

August 22, 2010

A nice track to just chill to.