Song of the day (7/29/10)

July 29, 2010

One of those songs that i can just leave on repeat for awhile.



  1. oh yeah!!!! now thats a track that takes me back to childhood…. this is GOOD now youre talking my language hehe

  2. oh this one was one of my favourites back then…omg… melting type songs haha

    • I’m extra late finding out about these dudes, this track jams lol. You can tell this old, back when r&b groups actually had little dancing routines and stuff lol.

  3. hahaha now ive rediscovered that soul for real was one of my FAVOURITE bands..why cant they do a comeback show!??? omg screw backstreet boys! bring them back!!! may this is taking me back to highschool haha are you old enough to remember this one:

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