Life’s unexpected curve balls

July 29, 2010

So originally I was going to write this blog with the utmost detail to explain why today just hasn’t been my day. I wrote about 80% of it out before I just scratched it and decided I want this to be short and sweet. Life doesn’t always go as planned, one minute you’re on top of the world and the next day you get abruptly shot off of your throne. Just today I found out I was fired from a job that I had only been working at for one week. Notice I said “found out” because the person who fired me never told me to my face, I had to find out through a co worker whom they told first and wanted him to pass the message on to me. I have no clear clue as to why I was fired, so in about 9 hours from now I will be blowing up somebody’s phone and I shall try to refrain from bringing a god like wrath to the conversation as  I try to find out why I was let go. Sometimes life just throws you curve balls and you gotta just roll with the punches, I guess I’ll chalk this as a lesson of pain before glory. But even as I type this as I’m a tad bit irritated to say the least, I have to remind myself and you that it’s not about how hard you get hit. It’s about how you plan to counter that punch and get yourself back in control of the fight.



  1. mini – what the!? why would you believe this co worker? how do you know you got fired for real?
    Never accept that you are fired from a job unless the boss with authority to fire you does so.
    Check your state employment laws if the reasons they posed or the way they did it was fair (we have unfair dismissal laws here not sure if you guys do also)
    Ensure they pay you for the work you did.
    Find out WHY you were fired, if you felt it was unreasonable write a letter to the person above the supervisor who “fired you” and tell them how disgraceful this employees behaviour was in the way they fired you.

    • Well the co-worker was also my friend, actually he was the reason i got the job in the 1st place so i know he wasnt lying. Then i woke up the next morning and called the lady who hired me and she told me about it, apparently they didnt like my wok ethic but nobody ever told me anything directly. I was gonna argue and all that but it was early in the morning and i was way too tired to scream at somebody so i just left it alone. I’ll just find something else that’s better for me, at least i can warn somebody else what might happen to them if they work there.

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