Song of the day (7/27/10)

July 27, 2010

Wiz Khalifa- This plane. Ive had this on repeat for awhile.



  1. ok i had high hopes for this song and i was severely disappointed. I trully hate the glamourisation of gang culture… 😦

    Ive seen the horrible side of it travelling through central america and the US. I understand the concept behind these songs, i get it that its “reality” but its only reality because people continually make it so. its rather a sad short violent life.

    there ive gotten off my soap box and here to tell ya that i like the name oddball for ya better than minilaptop lol
    oddball! oddball! oddball!

    • Well my nickname was minilaptop because i literally had one, then i broke it 😦 lol. But the name kind of stuck to me and i plan on getting another minilaptop so i feel like i can’t abandon the name yet. But if i ever feel like minilaptop is getting old i’ll make the switch to oddball lol. As far as the song i also understand the concepts because ive lived in them for a good portion of my life but i can only speak for myself when i say i only take them for what they are and that’s entertainment. I dont let it effect me to the point where i try to imitate them and i have plenty of other songs of the day, maybe you might like one of those.

      • i get it, i liked tupac and biggy and a few others who were the originals…yeah im showing my age now lol


      • Nothing wrong with showing your age lol, I love the old school way better than most of what’s being put out now. Minioddball? hmmmmmm lol. Gonna have to re think some of these nicknames.

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