A kind Letter The Ladies

July 27, 2010

Dear Madame,

1st off I would like to say that this letter may not apply to you, but if the shoe fits by all means wear it and once you’re done reading please considering buying new sneakers. Now let us proceed. As a man I’m tired of seeing this mass movement of the slogan “All men are dogs” or “men aint shit”, pretty much any variation of those phrases irks me, but rather than do a woman bashing blog (which I would never do) I would rather educate some ladies as to why some of these men “aint shit”. What you need to understand is that most asshole men arent born, majority of them are created and women play a crucial part in there construction. Many women often fall for the “bad boy” so to speak, usually this fellow is physically attractive and may have many material possessions as well as popularity but what he lacks is the proper attitude and ways on how to treat a lady. If you have ever fell for this type of man then you have started the beginning of the cycle in how asshole men are created. Phase one is when he begins to treat you wrong, he may be insecure, physically/emotionally abusive or just too controlling. At this point you’ve realized that this guy isn’t who you thought he was and that his attitude will definitely cause some serious bumps down the road if he doesn’t change. But rather than just dropping him to the side and moving on, you move to the most dangerous and crucial phase of creating “dogs” and that my dear lady is, the excuses. In phase two the woman for whatever reason that I will never figure out, begins to make excuses for the mans actions and make a habit of putting up with his behavior. At this point the man has probably cheated and mistreated you an infinite number of times but somehow you find ways to rationalize his behavior and even in some cases make excuses for it and this my dear lady is why some men will continue to be assholes. Once the man has had repeated offenses of doing all of the wrong things and you STILL decide to keep him around, you are now enabling and to some extent encouraging his behavior, he knows this and he also knows whatever he does you will always give him an extra chance. Even worse, other men have taken notice to his behavior and they figure if he can do it then hell I should be able to, to. To their credit, many of these men are right, they become dogs because they know that they can get away with it and the more you give these men the time of day the more assholes you will create. Believe me, if ladies didnt really like bad boys, none of them would exist. If tomorrow every woman decided that being a nerd was the sexiest thing ever, every man would trade in his Wilson basketball for a Ti-83 calculator and coke bottle framed glasses. Now I cant tell anyone who or what type of person they should be attracted to but to me the solution to this problem is pretty simple, STOP dating these “aint shit” men and they will slowly but surely begin to fade. To paraphrase a line from a song I heard, “Just ignore the dummy and the dummy will fall.”  So please, for your sake and mine make better decisions when deciding which type of men you let become your significant other. That decision could save you alot of heart ache, it also can save my eyes from having to read redundant men bashing facebook statuses.

Sincerely yours,




  1. minilaptop i totally agree with you! ive been saying this exact same thing to all my female friends for years.

    but what i also notice is that when ive met a guy who has been treated like shit, they cant believe that I am not like other women and they usually go back to those type of women who do ‘treat em mean keep em keen’ and then realise how good they had it with someone like. By then its too late and ive moved on.

    When men find a good girlfriend they should not think its fakeness or an impossibility.

    • Well, once a person has dealt with mediocrity for so long it’s the only thing they come to expect from people. So that’s why it’s viewed as fake sometimes, some people just have to learn how to separate the BS from reality. Thanks for your comment, appreciate the feedback 🙂

    • Good point @ Susi… that is soo true. I had a TIME and a half showing my fiance that I am not like the rest of these dumb triflin chicks out there. He finally realizes that he doesn’t have to keep asking me if I’m gonna stick around. HA HA thanks for sharing ur views!

  2. Hear Hear!!! OMG HOW LONG have I been having this SAME conversation??? Precisely why I remained single and celibate for over 8 years because I refused to be an enabler. I can’t STAND babysitting or raising another child that I didn’t even give birth to! Thank GOD the Lord blessed you with some sense and cognitive sight to be able to see these things and pass on the advice thru ur blog MLT… (that’s minilaptop in acronym-ese LOL) Women are the worst enemy of a young man. From the Mama’s who baby their “little men” to the women who allow them to cheat, use, and abuse them.

    LISTEN UP LADIES – Don’t sleep on the nerds… TRUST me. HA HA They are a diamond in the rough and will pleasantly surprise if you let go of the materialistic wrappings you expect in a man. LOL Nerds ROCK!!

    Keep up the good work MLT.. you are right on point wit ur blog. ❤ *~Mama Bear~*

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