A Day Off From Life

July 15, 2010

Every once in awhile you will come to a point where life is hitting you with some vicious left and right combos. Usually it will seem like too much to handle at one time, but don’t panic, as you somehow got in the storm there is always a way out. My advice, every now and then take a personal holiday or a “Me” day as I call them. All of us need times to recharge our mental batteries and clear our heads out of whatever is causing this stressful period. Go read a book, put on your headphones and just zone out, (My personal favorite stress reliever) watch some cartoons or just get out of the house for awhile. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the situation and evaluate it before you can decide how to handle it. I would recommend that you spend most of your “Me” days alone just so you can avoid anybody who may possibly irritate you to the point that you have one of those movie like mental breakdowns. But, if you have a friend who you know won’t annoy you, then bring them along, talk to them about whatever problem you’re having as it’s always good to get advice from someone on the outside looking in. If possible don’t answer your phone and stay away from facebook and the depressing statuses that people post, just take that “Me” day as a 24 hour chill session. Once you feel like you’ve recharged yourself, take a deep breath and go back into the storm. Just remember this time that you’ve got yourself together and you know what you’re doing, so you can get through your stress with no problems.

Sidenote: Don’t get carried away and start having “Me” days every other day as you will probably end up just being lazy which really isn’t helping your cause.


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