Top 5 worst feelings

July 12, 2010

Certain situations in life can bring on some of the most disappointing and heartbreaking feelings. Here is a top five list of what i can consider the worst feelings that can happen to you.

5. Hearing “hello” on an answering machine- Curse you people who do this nonsense. The bad thing is this always happens when you really need to get in contact with somebody. You hear the word “hello” and spew out five sentences in two seconds,only to get interrupted as the answering machine continues.

4. Falling for movie hype- Somebody told you this new movie was gonna be the best thing since sliced bread. With 100% faith in your friend you walked into the movie theater expecting to watch a life changing film. But 30 minutes into the movie the only thing you can think of is what the hell am I watching? With every minute after that rude awakening you wonder what else you could have invested that 10 dollars in.

3. Rejection- Nothing burns the soul like a good ole rejection. In your head you played out how you would approach him/her, like a movie scene your planned repeatedly flashed before your eyes. But, you forgot to take into consideration that movies are written and predetermined while life just kind of happens and at times it never goes as rehearsed. But like all things once you get knocked down gotta get back up, there are plenty of more fish in the sea.

2.Having cereal and no milk- This can single handedly destroy a whole morning. Nothing like salivating over that box of Cinnamon toast crunch on top of the fridge only to feel your heart drop when you discover there isn’t one drop of milk. Such tragedy can cause extremely unstable emotions, might even cause a tear or two.

1. Watching your favorite team lose the championship- You’ve been talking trash all year and up to this point you’ve proven every hater wrong. With the utmost confidence you may have even placed a wager on the game with the certainty that you could double your earnings. Now it’s the moment of truth and your eyes are fixated on the tv screen. The game starts and your heart pounds with every play, every score and every error makes your heart skip a beat. Then it happens, slowly but surely you watch your team get dismantled causing you to transform from n obnoxious trash talking fan to a mere mute. As the score widens you come to the realization that all of the noise that you talked is about to suddenly backfire. You then turn to the computer screen, watching as you get tons of facebook notifications each having some type of variation of “I told you so”. Now the game is over and you have put yourself on ESPN probation for a 24 hour period, suddenly the offseason just got a whole lot longer. I wouldnt’ be able to express these feelings if it weren’t for my beloved Indianapolis Colts and my Texas Longhorns. My soul is still burning ever so dee,



  1. lol i actual actually started a voice mail message with hello are you there lol

    But yeah i agree with everything

    good job and keep it up =)

  2. DAMN U LAKERS FANS DAMN U!!! I HATE THE LAKERS BUT I HATE KOBE ASS MORE!!! CELTICS ALL THE WAY!!! cereal with no milk ultimate fail lmao

  3. I saw your comment at (http://roundintriangles.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/stop-trying-to-hit-me-and-hit-me/)

    “Any post that quotes Yoda is good with me”

    Haha, word

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